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Title: Humans and nature (includes in the same binding, book II on the other side)

Author: Edvaldo Medeiros Edition Year: October 2018

Number of pages: 92

Dimensions: 16 x 23 cm


Weight: 207g

ISBN: 978-85-900027-0-3

R$ 29,90

DESCRIPTION We are invited to go through two journeys built under a unique aesthetic. The first day is entitled "Humans and Nature". Its theme is our interaction with the world around us, with the nature that surrounds us and nourishes us, with the animals that maybe differ from us only because of the rationality and consequent awareness that we proudly wield. The second book of our unforgettable journey carries a suggestive title: "On the Other Side". There is always another side. There is always a dichotomy to enrich each reality. Let us now enter this other journey, this time through the other door. Our destiny is certain: the heart of the human condition.

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